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            Fuzhou Jewel technology co., LTD., founded in 2006, is located in the look at what jiang town industrial park, is a collection of edible fungi of scientific research, production and sales as one of the major pollution-free green organic edible fungus demonstration scale enterprise, the company covers an area of 200 mu, a total investment of 12.5 million yuan, has been built nine concrete workshop 10000 square meters, steel shed 10, 10000 square meters, cold storage 3, baking room 6, annual production mushroom tube amount to more than 1200 cartridge, planting tea tree mushrooms, edible fungus barrel of more than 300, the annual output 2.1 million tons, annual output value of 22.51 million yuan, net income of 5.62 million yuan.


            The company innovated to carry out the research project of "corn cob replacing cotton seed shell to cultivate pollution-free organic tea tree mushroom", and comprehensively promoted the new liquid inoculation technology, which has the characteristics of fast inoculation, high yield and fast fruiting. From the traditional one season to three seasons, the economic benefits were significantly improved. Fully using air energy baking, the technology can save forest resources, improve the quality of finished mushrooms; Deep processing of finished mushrooms, research and development of canned and soy sauce products; The use of computerized automatic water spraying greenhouses greatly saves manpower and time; The insecticidal lamp is used to replace the traditional low-toxic pesticide to kill insects, which is environmentally friendly and guarantees the pure nature of finished mushrooms.


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